How nice it would be if we could walk everywhere without wearing clothes.
This photo was taken last summer in the north of Germany. I guess they have more windmills than people in that area.

Finally the sun comes out in Amsterdam. Time to have a nice discussion in the garden. Naked of course.

It seems Twitter is shadowbanning my tweet "@WorldNaturism
Why is the INF-FNI account private? Is this the way to promote ???

Should we use “non sexual” when explaining naturism?

Many naturist websites and profiles put a lot of emphasis
on being “non sexual”.

Is it like asking not to think of the pink elephant?

Another cold day in Amsterdam. Luckily enough moments to remember, like summer in France, Vosges a few years ago. Hopefully can go back there this summer.

Just a few more months to go and spring will be back! Love the idea of being in the fields filled with flowers. This was 10 years ago in Germany.

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