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@JeffG O mann u will love it..just the atmosphere itself will be so holistic

Good morning everyone. Getting ready for online class. Just wearing a t-shirt. Then off to bed for work tonight. You all have great day and perfect weekend

Two nights off now back to work and work all weekend. Next week dad starts radiation again everyday for 7 weeks. I am going to need a getaway when over just need cheap place to go

Of work in 1 1/2 hours then no clothing till Wednesday night.

Had a cat pass away yesterday and a dog pass away today. This was not a good weekend

4 more anger management classes then done. About time. That is on thing done to get some more time. For myself. 7 more weeks of taking dad for radiation treatments and hopefully get fully staffed so I can get more then just one night off here and another night there. Get some regularly to my life. But it shows I am needed

Deactivated my Twitter account. Might even leave facebook

I need some nude time in the warm sun. I hate winter

I am ready for spring. I like warmer weather can be naked more. I just need a place to go and take time off of work to enjoy it more.

Hey Matt. I am tired of a lot of the social media.

The goal of this site is to provide a haven for naturists to microblog about the nudist lifestyle. Our members can retreat from the grasps of Twitter & Facebook and finally be able to be themselves.