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A Nudist is simply a human being without 'Artificial Additives'!

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why hello there it’s the weekend happy weekend

People save & repost my nudes all the time which is fine, go ahead and re-post my nudes on the net if that's your thing however, tag or mention me in the post to give me credit for the photo.

People should at least know who they are looking at naked 🙂

@ErikAmsterdam I would love to be able to just be nude in public without worrying about being arrested.

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How to gain 30 pounds in 3 seconds! Ha!!!!
The angle is everything👌
That’s what he said😂
Kick it, Pythagoras.

We hope one day that will be normalized across the USA in the meantime we keep to keep up the good fight.

Join us at earthnaturists.com

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OK....I promised to do it if we had snow....so here it is... my first angel, not sure if this is 🤣

Clothing optional meetup on tonight at 8pm CST.

All and inspiring nudists are welcome to join us.

Earth Naturists is looking to rebuild our leadership team and re-evaulate our efforts to provide a safe space for naturists via our forum.

Let us know if you are interested in joining the team.
Details at earthnaturists.com/viewtopic.p

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