Explored the woods by my house and found a nice secret spot for taking some nude pics!

I've been naked since yesterday and it's been nice! Made some coffee and already getting my Sunday started. 😊

Today's been a very productive day: I mowed the lawn, then went naked all day for the first time at the new house (+ coming out as a nudist to my roommate in the process), and I helped @matt get this server back up and running. πŸ˜„

(and the roommate didn't even care! it's nice I don't have to be shy about it anymore!)

For way longer than I should have been, I was too self-conscious about my body to try wearing a speedo in public. Years of body shaming from family & friends growing up took some work to unpack as an adult. I wrote a story about this on my blog: introvertnudist.com/body-posit

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