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People save & repost my nudes all the time which is fine, go ahead and re-post my nudes on the net if that's your thing however, tag or mention me in the post to give me credit for the photo.

People should at least know who they are looking at naked 🙂

Glad I don't own apple devices. I guess they are having a war on and removing everything surrounding it from their platform and app store.

New Video is live! I visit and finish my ! Please check out the video and like and subscribe to my channel.

Uploaded a new video to admitting I'm a ! Please go like and subscribe to my channel!

Placed an order for 50 stickers! We will be giving these out to people who subscribe to our Patreon account at

I really really hate weather.. It's 70-80F for a few days and then drops clear back down to 55F just for shits and giggles for several more weeks. 🙄

Help me fund some trips this year and to it would really help me out.

Join us on Zoom in an open discussion about Promoting the Naturist Symbol. - Sunday 11 April 2021.
Register for free on

@matt Hi, thank you for creating this instance. I really appreciate it because there it's been difficult to find communities on the platforms I like to use.

New video is live on my channel. Please go check it out and while you are at it like and to my channel!

I got over 5k followers here. Surely some of you can follow my YouTube account please. Another video Is processing and should drop later today.

My for 2021 is to find friends who want to hangout, work on projects, etc this . Clothing is optional & nothing sexual. Anybody who approaches me sexually will be turned away quick.

Please to my channel. I need to hit at least 1k subscribers so I can monetize my videos. Thank You.

Oh yay. My video finally got finished processing in 4k over 2 days later. lol

Are there any instances or other video uploading sites that allow besides ?

I would love to have my subscribers back. My fans is what got me my GoPro 9 so I could start my YouTube account.

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The goal of this site is to provide a haven for naturists to microblog about the nudist lifestyle. Our members can retreat from the grasps of Twitter & Facebook and finally be able to be themselves.