Well shit. suspended my account so there all my subscribers along with my business photography channel as well.


For everybody telling me to try Vimeo to post my nudist videos well I'm sorry to say but I've been banned from there for the exact same thing before.

As of right now my dream of educating people about via videos is dead. youtu.be/D7WYCsWQRvo

@matt I just sent a message to my hosting provider (In the Netherlands) if it would be possible to start a video platform like youtube on their servers. Because several naturist vloggers have this problem, I think a Netherlands based host might be a good solution. I will keep you informed about the possibilities.

In short, it turns out to be too expensive.... 😞

@matt if your viewership wasn't massively large, self-hosting your videos might be a good solution. I've been self-hosting mine from my blog for a few years, and haven't even made a dent in bandwidth concerns with my hosting company (DigitalOcean) yet.

I have a page about the best video settings that work for me and how to embed them so they can play on every web browser: introvertnudist.com/ffmpeg?ove

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