My for 2021 is to find friends who want to hangout, work on projects, etc this . Clothing is optional & nothing sexual. Anybody who approaches me sexually will be turned away quick.

I really want to visit some campgrounds or this summer where I can enjoy for longer periods of time. Honest to god being nude is not sexual to me & I really enjoy it. I am not seeking sexual attention nor do I want it.

Gf says I share too many nudes but I share cuz I find natural & don't want to restrict sharing what state of dress I'm in.

I wouldn't care if she shared similar photos on her accts.

I decided to join the project through 365Naturists on twitter cuz I believe is wholesome and liberating. I gained some covid weight but I still love the lifestyle and sharing my adventures publicly on Twitter & at my blog.

I decided to join the project on cuz I believe is wholesome and liberating. As many know I have been a for years and I share my adventures online publicly.

Can't wait to see the finished sketch.

40 years ago today I came into this world naked & here I stand before you still naked as the day I was born.

Blog post & more nudes at

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How am I so confident nude? Well I don't care what others think about me. Haters will hate, just do what makes ya happy. Retweet!

I love to be naked outdoors. I wish public nudity was legal in the US because I'd never wear clothes again except for winter.

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