My for 2021 is to find friends who want to hangout, work on projects, etc this . Clothing is optional & nothing sexual. Anybody who approaches me sexually will be turned away quick.

I really want to visit some campgrounds or this summer where I can enjoy for longer periods of time. Honest to god being nude is not sexual to me & I really enjoy it. I am not seeking sexual attention nor do I want it.

Gf says I share too many nudes but I share cuz I find natural & don't want to restrict sharing what state of dress I'm in.

I wouldn't care if she shared similar photos on her accts.

I decided to join the project through 365Naturists on twitter cuz I believe is wholesome and liberating. I gained some covid weight but I still love the lifestyle and sharing my adventures publicly on Twitter & at my blog.

I decided to join the project on cuz I believe is wholesome and liberating. As many know I have been a for years and I share my adventures online publicly.

Can't wait to see the finished sketch.

I really hate it when people message me and are like: "Naked today?" Or they talk about my dick size.

Like I'm not promoting to discuss my dick or get weird questions in my dm. Get lost pervs.

FYI, Going forward, I'm only using this space to talk about , & share nude pics, no personal tweets, no politics.

Personal tweets follow @matt
My photography follow @snapgeek
Follow my blog at

It's not mandatory to share nudes to be a but I share nude pics to show others that normal people can enjoy being nude without it being sexual. Join me at

It's folks! If you follow me today then I will follow you back! Simple as that.

Photo below is how I'm dressed this morning when I woke up. 😉

Enjoying a little time in my birthday suit since I'm home alone atm & working. Need to find me some food to eat.

I wasn't raised a but as a kid I never kept my clothes on and still hate having to wear clothing.

Please boost if you feel the same way.

I shaved & showered tonight. I'm about to go to bed but before I do, how do I look?

Please boost.

We are starting to police political views from either side at to make it a friendly and open place for to enjoy without all the BS and hatred that is on .

Laws regarding in the are retarded. like me who simply like to be (not sexually) get criminalized when we are doing nothing wrong.

Let's in the US. RT!

Yrs ago I shared my first nude, never thought so many would see me nude including co-workers, friends and family, now I simply embrace it, can't turn back time.

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The goal of this site is to provide a haven for naturists to microblog about the nudist lifestyle. Our members can retreat from the grasps of Twitter & Facebook and finally be able to be themselves.