How am I so confident nude? Well I don't care what others think about me. Haters will hate, just do what makes ya happy. Retweet!

I love to be naked outdoors. I wish public nudity was legal in the US because I'd never wear clothes again except for winter.

Please retweet!

I'm so sick of the -8 F temps we are having right now in . Looking forward to and warmer weather, I don't like the cold.

Spent a few hours in my today working on my truck and snowblower.

Snowblower still isn't fully back together but the positive thing is I was able to work thanks to my wood stove.

Popping in to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

Things I plan to do in 2021 if feasible are:

- Spend time with my kids and watch them grow up
- Be nude as much as possible
- Visit a nude campground or nude beach
- Go to photography conferences if they are still being held.
- Take out the four wheeler to go riding.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

Gf and the kids went out so I'm trying to clean and organize a bit while in my birthday suit.

This will be my new office once I can get it cleaned out of my son's crap.

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