I wasn't raised a but as a kid I never kept my clothes on and still hate having to wear clothing.

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I shaved & showered tonight. I'm about to go to bed but before I do, how do I look?

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Laws regarding in the are retarded. like me who simply like to be (not sexually) get criminalized when we are doing nothing wrong.

Let's in the US. RT!

Yrs ago I shared my first nude, never thought so many would see me nude including co-workers, friends and family, now I simply embrace it, can't turn back time.

Spent a few hours in my today working on my truck and snowblower.

Snowblower still isn't fully back together but the positive thing is I was able to work thanks to my wood stove.

My girlfriend got mad at me for closing my office door downstairs.

Told her fine, I'll just leave it wide open when I'm hanging out nude in there so the kids can just waltz in. 🤷‍♂️

This is a photo of me from a year or two ago when I was walking a public trail in entirely nude.

Hope to do some of that in 2021 but maybe with a friend.

The site mypornsnap.top is capturing and saving images of all sorts of people on the net including a ton of my nudes.

The saying is true, what goes online, stays online hence why I haven't bother deleting my nudes. I know I'll always live nude online regardless.

Hi, My name is Matt Crawford and I own several servers & websites on the internet.

I work full time as a system administrator and part-time as a photographer.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging with friends, projects and nudism. I'm actually a huge advocate for nudism as seen on my blog at mattcrawford.me

I created naturism.social to give a place to retreat to from the censorship that is Twitter.


The goal of this site is to provide a haven for naturists to microblog about the nudist lifestyle. Our members can retreat from the grasps of Twitter & Facebook and finally be able to be themselves.