I really want to visit some campgrounds or this summer where I can enjoy for longer periods of time. Honest to god being nude is not sexual to me & I really enjoy it. I am not seeking sexual attention nor do I want it.

How am I so confident nude? Well I don't care what others think about me. Haters will hate, just do what makes ya happy. Retweet! naturism.social

I love to be naked outdoors. I wish public nudity was legal in the US because I'd never wear clothes again except for winter.

Please retweet! naturism.social

I'm so sick of the -8 F temps we are having right now in . Looking forward to and warmer weather, I don't like the cold.

It's not mandatory to share nudes to be a but I share nude pics to show others that normal people can enjoy being nude without it being sexual. Join me at naturism.social

I'm looking for somebody to interview or write an article on me & my nudist communities to help spread the good word about nudism.

Who knows it might help promote nudists to my communities as well.

If you are interested hit me up.

It's folks! If you follow me today then I will follow you back! Simple as that.

Photo below is how I'm dressed this morning when I woke up. 😉

People save & repost my nudes all the time which is fine, go ahead and re-post my nudes on the net if that's your thing however, tag or mention me in the post to give me credit for the photo.

People should at least know who they are looking at naked 🙂

Busy day between work and working on a fourwheeler again tonight.

Just showered and relaxing before bed.

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