If you have add .... Oh who am I kidding I'm banned from there. 😂 Join me at naturism.social

Some family members started adding me on MeWe finally and today I bravely shared a nude photo to all my contacts (vs only close friends) so anybody can stumble upon that nude photo. 😂

I wasn't raised a but as a kid I never kept my clothes on and still hate having to wear clothing.

Please boost if you feel the same way.

I shaved & showered tonight. I'm about to go to bed but before I do, how do I look?

Please boost.

seriously banned all my accounts including my backup ones. I can't manage my business pages anymore.

Will be leaving the platform entirely including because I simply can't run a business when I get banned constantly.

Starting the process to delete my accounts. They banned my accounts so I can no longer manage my company page on Facebook.

In 2019 and in 2020 I was banned over 5 times over a several month period each time.

@bsbnaked Party on. I personally wouldn't care if people had nudity in avatars, and header photos but others in the fediverse complain.

Just a friendly reminder for members of naturism.social

Plz no nudity in avatars or header images, nudity marked as "sensitive" is ok in posts however.

Community guidelines at naturism.social/about/more

@stingray Finally got mine to work. I just have an xp-pen model.

I reinstalled my drawing tablet on my desktop. May try to do more sketching and work on improving my skills.

Nudists/Naturists know wearing clothes is a matter of personal choice and comfort. However, society forces people to wear clothing based on assumptions from previous centuries. I believe that it's about time that society gives people the legal right to choose to wear clothing or not.

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