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Well, Looks like the folks at decided to nuke my account. Guess I won't be using that platform anymore. That's ok it sucked anyways because they don't even have an app.

I really want to visit some campgrounds or this summer where I can enjoy for longer periods of time. Honest to god being nude is not sexual to me & I really enjoy it. I am not seeking sexual attention nor do I want it.

Gf says I share too many nudes but I share cuz I find natural & don't want to restrict sharing what state of dress I'm in.

I wouldn't care if she shared similar photos on her accts.

I decided to join the project through 365Naturists on twitter cuz I believe is wholesome and liberating. I gained some covid weight but I still love the lifestyle and sharing my adventures publicly on Twitter & at my blog.

I almost want to stay up so I can relax nude but I'm so tired. Guess I'll close my eyes and go to bed.

Perhaps this weekend if I don't go riding I can lock myself in my shop with the heat going and build my shelf's nude.

I decided to join the project on cuz I believe is wholesome and liberating. As many know I have been a for years and I share my adventures online publicly.

Can't wait to see the finished sketch.

has gotten removed from the Google App Store.

Why doesn't understand that Tusky by itself doesn't do anything, you have to link a mastodon instance to it to gather data & socialize.

isn't about hate speech either

Frontiers | Why People Don’t Use Facebook Anymore? An Investigation Into the Relationship Between the Big Five Personality Traits and the Motivation to Leave Facebook | Psychology

@Issamujp Welcome to Please upload an avatar and post away. :)

We are now requiring approval when signing up at as we are working to prevent spam bots from joining the site.

Please make a really good valid reason for joining up to be accepted to our site.

40 years ago today I came into this world naked & here I stand before you still naked as the day I was born.

Blog post & more nudes at

Please Retweet! Buy me a gift:

My birthday is tomorrow! If you feel inclined to get me a gift here's my wish list

Happy Birthday to me on Saturday!! Save 50% off if you subscribe within the next 7 days to

Some folks asked if I had a wishlist of items I want that could be purchased for my birthday.. Well of course I do.

I'd be super grateful if anybody was kind enough to buy me a gift but I'm not expecting one.

I really hate it when people message me and are like: "Naked today?" Or they talk about my dick size.

Like I'm not promoting to discuss my dick or get weird questions in my dm. Get lost pervs.

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The goal of this site is to provide a haven for naturists to microblog about the nudist lifestyle. Our members can retreat from the grasps of Twitter & Facebook and finally be able to be themselves.