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Dropping my first video at 8:15am cst explaining how to take nude portraits on my . Please to my channel.

New YouTube Video is live.. We visited Rathbun OHV this weekend.

Fully Legalize Public Nudity in the U​.​S​.​A. - Sign the Petition! via

Second four wheeling trip video is now live! Go watch it and subscribe to my channel. 😁

It's best to enjoy the day the best way you know how. For me it's normally in my birthday suit. 🤷‍♂️


Glad I don't own apple devices. I guess they are having a war on and removing everything surrounding it from their platform and app store.

New Video is live! I visit and finish my ! Please check out the video and like and subscribe to my channel.

Uploaded a new video to admitting I'm a ! Please go like and subscribe to my channel!

Placed an order for 50 stickers! We will be giving these out to people who subscribe to our Patreon account at

I really really hate weather.. It's 70-80F for a few days and then drops clear back down to 55F just for shits and giggles for several more weeks. 🙄

Help me fund some trips this year and to it would really help me out.

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