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I'm finally home from . Man that was a long drive & not nearly long enough time spent down south. Came home and it's like 50 degrees. I didn't miss this shit.

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Leaving for this morning and we are taking my truck. Going down for a funeral so wish us luck.

I might try to film a little for on this trip. Who knows..

To all the pervs on , fuck you. I share nudes not so you can get off but to show the world that nudism is not sexual. I also love .

I'm going to start outing like these who don't fucking understand that I post nudes to promote not get a perverted/sexual response. Go away pervs.

Weird. I was at 6001 followers this morning and now followers are just dropping off. I'm down to 5997 now.

It's funny how my ex, family, friends, co-workers, etc stalk me just to see/save my nudes pics so they can send me them & complain.

Guess what, I'm so look/save my all u like.

It's so crazy. I have over 373 followers on but only 107 on . Come on people. Please follow both channels!



I just uploaded “How I take nude selfies for social media” to :

I wish I had a girlfriend who enjoyed as much as I do so we could walk hand in hand nude together forever.

Too bad I'm 40 and still haven't found that perfect girl yet.

I absolutely enjoy being . I wish I could spend 24/7 in my birthday suit & wish I had others to enjoy this same freedom with. Atlas I'm the only one in my area who seems to enjoy this lifestyle. RT!

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