My thinking is I want to come up with a proper logo & slogan and then I'll sell decals or whatever people might want to help raise money to support the site.

Heck maybe I can host a giveaway at some point too but right now I'm running this thing entirely on my own.


@matt True friends are the ones who get naked with you.

Social scientists have found that the fastest way to
feel happiness is to practice naturism.

Clothing weighs down the soul.

One notable feature of naturism is that everybody is equal.

Naturism is an excuse make new friends.

Naturism judges people on what they don't wear.

I wear the badge of Naturism with honor.

Naturism is a growth industry.

To know what that true self is without social pressure is to
celebrate your nakedness.

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@matt Naturism is an excuse to make new friends.

Corrected typo

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The goal of this site is to provide a haven for naturists to microblog about the nudist lifestyle. Our members can retreat from the grasps of Twitter & Facebook and finally be able to be themselves.