heinous male nipple and newborn babe 

@toplesstopics This is what prompted Tumblr and other social media sites to ban most forms of nudity - the FOSTA-SESTA act passed by Congress in in April 2018 during the Trump administration.

@toplesstopics I just had my 2nd Moderna vaccination this morning. Waiting for the side effects to kick my ass like the 1st shot did.

I'd love to read a detailed recounting of your COVID and post-COVID experiences. I still think the populace in general doesn't know about or understand long-COVID. I have a couple of family members with non-serious long-COVID.

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Here's a clip from a Vlog I am still editing that gives a brief overview of my ongoing health problems with #longcovid/#longhaulcovid /#postacutecovidsyndrome/whatever you want to call it, even fifteen months after we all had it in February 2020.

One of these days I'll do a video just talking about what I've gone through entirely, both for my own records, and so anyone else dealing with health problems even over a year since they had #covid19 knows they're not alone!

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How come my photos only seem to gain the attention of other males? How to get women more involved in ?

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Interested in ? Me too! Let's hang out this summer! Totally non-sexual of course, I just want/need friends. Doesn't matter if u know me in real life or not.

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Does anybody care to use forums anymore? I feel like I'm wasting my time trying to get nudists to use/join us at earthnaturists.com

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@toplesstopics Let them play with dolls too. My grandson loves Barbies, and fashion.

@matt YouTube has a very low tolerance for nudity. It pretty much has to be in the context of an educational or documentary context.

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Uploaded a new video to admitting I'm a ! Please go like and subscribe to my channel!


@matt Nicely done. We'll see if youtube is okay with your censoring efforts.

The updated terms of service is very well done.

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